About the Artist

I started sculpting in high school, where I was introduced to the torch and metal working via shop class. While all the other students enthusiastically devoted themselves to bumpers, fenders and tail pipes, I took an interest in the life forms that could be created using metal rod. Perhaps I gained inspiration from my print maker mother and my architect father. Luckily, a shop teacher took interest in my interest. Soon, I was producing prolifically enough, and of high enough quality, to be represented in several galleries and invitational shows.

Sadly the decades immediately after high school were not a time of creative outpouring. Greed - let's be honest - led me to major in business rather than liberal arts or the arts, which I always found more intellectually attractive. Apartment living, being what it is, did not support my endeavors either (landlords tend to frown upon metal shops in their rental space).

After a number of years in Africa, Washington, D.C. and New York, I moved back to my native Oregon, where I began a high tech marketing career path that included work with some of Oregon's most successful high tech companies. Unfortunately, the psychic rewards of the work did not match its financial advantages. The early 1990's found me seeking towards a creative outlet and, as importantly, living in my first house. I equipped my basement with the basic tools needed to renew my sculptural work, something I've subsequently concluded demonstrated less than sound judgment. Thankfully, the logical consequences of running a metal shop in one's basement did not occur and the building still stands. I, on the other hand, have moved on.

During the late 90's, I became more prolific, assembling a body of work and participating in my first shows as an adult. Still, I was a hobby artist, creating work as time and energy allowed. My big break came when my lack of well-honed political infighting skills led to my layoff from my last high technology employer in 2003. Taking this as a message from God, Gaia, Allah ... take your pick, I have since devoted myself to launching my artistic career.

Along with the many changes since, I have found the opportunity to significantly enhance my skills working with new materials and forms. Much of my early work was whimsical in nature and made extensive use of wire welding rod. Today, my work is as likely to use sheet steel, beaten copper, even wood and stone.

Even as my art has grown and transformed, I have had to transform myself, relearning basic skills from the past, adapting my marketing knowledge to new situations.

Methods and Approaches

I work primarily in fabricated metals - mostly steel and copper. Steel is easy to work using a variety of styles. Steel rod can be used to create lines and form, and melted rod can be dripped much like a brushstroke to add rich power and movement to a work. Sheet steel can be cut, bent, joined and shaped to create interesting flow and form. Patterns can be ground into steel surfaces to create movement and to capture and reflect light. Copper works as a wonderful accent metal, adding color and variety to steel-based sculpture. Hand beaten copper has a warm feel and a finish that shouts "hand made!"

On occasion, pieces are finished out with wood or other materials, integrated into the design or used as a base. This gives the piece stability and adds warmth to the metal, as well as capturing color that might otherwise be impossible with fabricated steel.

Although I periodically create work that makes a stark, evocative statement about the world we live in, most of my work is designed to add whimsy or visual impact to a room or yard. While art can have a provocative voice that transcends other forms of communication, art also has a valuable role in pleasing the user and lending peace and tranquility to their homes and workspaces.

Shows / Galleries

  • Yachats Commons (one man show), 1998
  • Lake Oswego Arts Chronicle (Invitational), 2001
  • Gresham Visual Arts Gallery (Juried), 2001
  • Portland Open Studio, 2000 - 2005
  • Windows Alive, 2003. Portland, OR
  • Tualatin Estate Vineyards (one man show), 2003
  • Portland Center for the Performing Arts - Rotating Sculpture Exhibit, 2004
  • Contemporary Crafts Gallery, Portland, OR
  • Audubon Society of Portland Nature Store
  • Desperado, Portland, OR
  • Fox Creek Fabrics, Sun Valley, ID
  • Charlie White Gallery, Portland, OR
  • Southern Oregon Sculptors Exhibition (Juried), 2004
  • Urban Scenes, Gresham City Hall Visual Arts Gallery, 2004
  • Creative Metal Arts Guild Show, 2004
  • Contemporary Crafts Garden Party Weekend, 2004
  • Natural Spaces, Portland, OR
  • Triad Gallery, Seal Rock, OR
  • Captured Light, Gresham City Hall Visual Arts Gallery, 2004
  • PH Reed Furniture, Portland, OR
  • Wene Gallery, Portland, OR
  • 1st Annual Maryhill Arts Festival, 2004
  • Maude Kerns Art Center, Eugene OR, Oregon Made for Interiors exhibit (juried), 2005
  • Triad Gallery invitational show, 2005
  • Maude Kerns Art Center, Art in the Vineyards (juried), 2005
  • Paolo Design Group, Portland, OR
  • Contemporary Crafts Museum and Gallery Spring Garden Show (juried), 2006
  • Rouge Blanc Gallery, Newberg, OR
  • Southwest Artwalk, Portland, OR, 2008
  • Pacific Northwest Sculptors Group Show - City Hall, Portland, OR, September, 2008
  • Guardino Gallery - Juried Group Show, March 2009
  • Coos Bay Museum - Group Show, March / April 2009
  • Numerous commissions for private collectors

Memberships / Other Experience

  • Board of Directors, Portland Open Studios, 2003 - 2005
  • Board of Directors Pacific Northwest Sculptors, 2005 - 2009 www.pnwsculptors.org
  • Cluster Chair, Portland Open Studios, 2003
  • Professor of International Business and Marketing, Portland Community College, current